32. Outsourcing the stuff you hate in order to increase profit and avoid burnout with Virtual Assistant Natalie Rose

Season #1

Friendly reminder, Magic Maker: You should be having FUN in your business!

In today’s episode, I speak with Virtual Assistant Natalie Rose about the most common tasks entrepreneurs struggle with, and the most common things that burn business owners out.

It's so valuable to hear that we’re not alone when it comes to business struggles. Because- and I hate admitting this- not everything is in our zone of genius! Hiring help is one of the fastest ways to grow and infuse the fun back into being a business owner.

As entrepreneurs we can get so focused on profits, and spending money on help may seem counterintuitive, but it’s not! It’s actually strategic and smart to hire someone to take the tasks you hate off your plate.

A good indicator that you as a business owner are ready to hire someone to help you with your business is finding the things in your business that do not bring you joy! For example, Natalie doesn’t like doing her own email management, so that’s a great indicator it’s time to outsource that task to a “rockstar” in that area.

If we lose ourselves and play small in the busy work, we may feel safe, but we can totally use our time in a better way. Again: Running your business should be fun!

So, Magic Maker, if you dread doing something consider this your permission slip to hire someone who LOVES doing it!


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