$175.00 USD

"Power Hour" with Kelsey Formost

This one hour 1:1 session is yours to use however you'd like! But usually, this is what gets the best results...

  • 20 Mins: Nail down your unique value proposition/ Ideal customer pain points
  • 30 Mins: Co-write copy
  • 10 Mins: Co-create a strategy for implementation & moving forward with success!

Best for audits of copy that's already written, or when you need specific direction on ONE project or topic.


Hit the "buy" button on accident? All good - just cancel your session within 5 business days for a full refund. If ya don't cancel within 5 business days, so sorry Charlie, your payment is now non-refundable. Might as well use it!

Need to reschedule? I get it...life happens! You're allowed one free pass to reschedule, no questions asked. 

If you need to move your session a SECOND time, an additional $50 fee will be required to secure your spot.

I will NOT reschedule folx for a third time - your original payment of $175 + your $50 fee are now non-refundable ($225 total). I know it's tough love, but I have to stick to this policy due to the fact that I have to hold these spots for clients and if you don't show up, I lose my source of income. Let's work together and respect each other's time, k? Thanks for coming to my TED Talk.

By hitting purchase, you are acknowledging that you've read this cancellation/refund policy. I'M EXCITED TO WORK WITH YOU!